2013/2014 School Year

Sunset Across The English Channel
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The end of the school year has arrived and everyone is excited for summer! I have had so many great accomplish this year, inside and outside of school. Some of those achievements are, scoring four goals during my spring soccer season, making high honor roll twice, and being curtain chief in the school play. I plan on doing many great things this summer and having lots of fun. Thank you to my teachers, coaches, friends, and family for making this year amazing. I look forward to all things that next year brings and I can not wait to get started!    

School Survey

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For this week’s blogging challenge I made a movie that uses copyright free photos and music. The objective is to use photos to make a story but do not use words. In my story there is a soccer game going on in a city. A girl is taking a corner kick and then she scores! The crowd cheers and the story is over. Although the story and visual are short, it still gets the point across; that you can do many creative things with technology.

I got the music in the movie from



Digital Footprint

Class of 2012
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I think that is it better to not have a digital footprint, than to have a negative one. If you have a negative footprint, than anybody can see all the bad things that are out there about you. If you don’t leave a footprint than there is nothing bad people can see about you. For example, if you post something mean about someone at school on Instagram or Facebook and then you get in trouble, anyone can see that and it is left there forever. If you don’t have any social media accounts than there is no way that you could have said that to someone without saying it to their face. Some people might argue that if you don’t have any social media accounts than you are missing out on an amazing opportunity. This might be true, but without social media you don’t have to deal with the stress or pressure of always doing the right thing.

About Me Comic Strip

Comic Pic 2

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This comic is about me. I could only tell you a few things about me but if you look at some of my earlier posts you can learn more. I used the website, “Make Beliefs Comix” to make my comic. This site is very cool and you can do very creative things on it. I enjoy it very much.

Mind Map

Re-Fixed Mind Map

Fandel, Eliza . “Mind Map.” 2014. JPG file.

My Mind Map shows all the people I connect with and how. The people I connect with are my friends, family, teachers, and strangers. I connect with my friends by texting, calling, and using apps like, “Kik Messenger”, “Snapchat,” and “Instagram.” I connect with my family by texting and calling. I connect with my teachers by using my school email, blog, and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). I connect with strangers by using my blog. I connect with all these people because they are a big part in both, my school, and personal life.

My Dream Job

“Hello ma’am. I am the head detective here at this police department.”

My dream job is to be a detective at a major city police station. This is my dream job because in order to be a detective you need to be educated in many different subjects, for example, psychology and law. These two things both interest me greatly. I first started wanting this job about one year ago. I started to watch this detective show and found what they did very interesting. Some people want to be a professional dancer or soccer player, but I think those jobs are very unrealistic for most people. This one is something I really want to do and it is not unrealistic. The pride that comes with catching a criminal or solving a case seems so great.

To be a police detective there are many things you need to know about, for example, law and government, psychology, clerical, and telecommunications. Those are just a few things. Something I learned about this job is that you need lots of good social skills and an open mind. The median wage is $74,300. Being a police detective takes 2-6 years of education, plus 1-2 years of training.

Caution: Low Flying Dogs
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Mark Strozier via CompfightThe online test told me I am a people person. I think being a people person definitely helps with being a police detective because you need to be able to talk and work with others cooperatively. If I was not good with people then it might be hard to keep this job. When comparing the results of my quiz to the ones of my class mates, we noticed that we all got people person as our answers. Of course we are all different so we all cannot have the same results. We figured that the test wasn’t real and did not actually take your answers into consideration. I look forward to becoming a police detective later

Nominations for Student Blogging Challenge

This week is the nominations for the Student Blogging Challenge. The blogger I am nominating is Katie in my class! Her blog posts are very well written and the way she writes makes you feel like she is talking to you face to face. I love reading her blog and think all of you will too!


NA, jonson. Soccer Ball On The Green Field. 0. shutterstock, NA. http://www.stockvault.net/. Web. 19 Nov. 2013.

NA, jonson. Soccer Ball On The Green Field. 0. shutterstock, NA. http://www.stockvault.net/. Web. 19 Nov. 2013.

From the title I am sure you know what this blog post is about, so I’ll start with the basics. My favorite sport is soccer, my favorite color is purple, and my favorite type of food is Italian. My favorite movie is Pitch Perfect, my favorite TV shows are, Psych, Bones, and How I met Your Mother. My favorite subjects are French, and social studies. My favorite types of books are mystery and fantasy.

My favorite female celebrity that I idolize is Margaret Lawson because of the role she plays in one of my favorite TV shows, Psych. In Psych she is such a strong and independent character and I want to be like her. My favorite male celebrity is David Boreanaz. He stars in another one of my favorite TV shows, Bones. He plays a role that is very funny but serious at other times. I have many other favorite things too but there are so many I could never fit them all in one post!